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2024 PEN/Bare Life Review Grants

PEN America

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

Application deadline is July 21, 2023
Next cycle begins in 2024


Honor outstanding voices in translation, fiction, poetry, science writing, essay, sports writing, biography, children’s literature, and drama

Additional grant funding information under FAQs:

Who Can Apply

- This grant is available to foreign-born writers based in the U.S., and to writers living abroad who hold refugee/asylum seeker status

- The submitted project must be the work of a single individual, written in or translated into English. In the case of translated works, the grant will be conferred to the original author

- The project must be an unpublished work-in-progress that will not be published prior to April 1, 2025, as the grants are intended to support the completion of a manuscript

- The project must be a work of a literary nature: fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry

Additional Eligibility Requirements


How to apply:
Please note that the application will require the following, submitted as one PDF file, in the below order

All documents should be in 12pt, Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins. Each document should be single-spaced with the exception of the writing sample which should be double-spaced

- A 1-2 page description of the work, answering: Why is this project important, and why did this author choose to undertake this project?
- A 1-2 page statement answering: How will this grant aid in the completion of the project? (This space can additionally be used to discuss any permissions, rights, contracts, publication timelines, or other aspects of your project)
- A CV for the author of the project, which should include information on previous or forthcoming publications
- An outline that includes the work completed thus far and the work remaining
- A writing sample of up to 75 pages. This, exceptionally, should be double spaced for legibility



Additional Information

For additional information and/or questions, contact the organization at

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