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ADFP Trust Fund


Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

Open each year from mid-October to mid-December


- Conservation easement applications include four options for funding
- Donated and Appraised conservation easements
- Present-Use Value conservation easements
- To support public and public-private enterprise programs that will promote profitable and
sustainable agricultural, horticultural, and forestlands through assistance to farmers
- To support the preservation of agriculture/military-designated uses through conservation
- To support county-level agricultural plans that promote farmland preservation and the
agricultural economy

For additional information on what is included, visit

Who Can Apply

All applicants for conservation easements, agricultural development projects, and agricultural plans must be non-profit conservation organizations or county agencies, per N.C.G.S.106-744. Farmers, landowners, and others interested in applying must partner with a non-profit conservation organization or county agency to participate in an ADFP Trust Fund grant proposal

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Look at Cycle 16 (2023) to be prepared for Cycle 17 (2024)
Includes application guidelines, rules, policies, tier designations:


North Carolina

Additional Information

If you have questions about eligibility or the application process, please contact Sarah Weavil at 919-707-3074 or

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