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AgSouth Growing Our Communities

AgSouth Farm Credit

Funding Amount

$5,000 maximum

Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

Grant applications open on April 3, 2023
Deadline to submit application is June 30, 2023


Three main objectives:
- To invest in the future of agriculture
- Enhance and impact the quality of life in the AgSouth territory
- Be recognized as a leading corporate citizen in the AgSouth territory

Previously funded projects include but are not limited to:
• Providing farmers market programming for children
• Purchasing fans for a livestock arena to help cool the animals
• Developing a comprehensive chick hatching program to give tools and resources to those wanting to raise backyard flocks
• Opening a demonstration farm in conjunction with a local school district
• Purchasing grain bin rescue equipment for fire and rescue teams
• Funding a beekeeping education program for vulnerable youths
• Purchasing an irrigation system at a local Farmers Market
• Expanding a local church garden space and adding fencing
• Hosting an annual agricultural event
• Purchasing a cargo trailer to transport livestock equipment
• Building a school greenhouse

Who Can Apply

Grants will be considered for programs only in the 147 counties and geographic areas where AgSouth Farm Credit conducts business. Grants will only be awarded to non-profit organizations and farmers markets and will not be awarded to individuals or private farms

Additional Eligibility Requirements

North Carolina

Additional Information

Please contact Jocelyn Roten, Marketing Specialist, at or by phone at (704) 761-2897

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