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Avon Foundation for Women

Society for nonprofits

Funding Amount

$125,000 maximum (per year for up to two years)

Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

Letter of Intent due July 15th

From webpage:
[Notice: The deadline for the grant listing below has expired. As a result, the information may no longer be accurate and additional research may be required)

For current grant opportunities, please check out more recent issues of Funding Alert ( or the GrantStation database (


Regional and community hospitals working to provide medically underserved women with access to post-screening diagnostics and care

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include:
- Public hospitals
- Safety-net hospitals
- Community clinics
- Cancer centers with a history of effectively navigating patients through the health care system and ensuring consistent, high-quality care

Have to join as a member to apply, review guidelines, view upcoming grants, and so forth

Additional Eligibility Requirements



Charlotte, North Carolina

Additional Information

Contact information and additional details are available to members of the Society:

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