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Energize The Environment Grant Program


Funding Amount

two $3,500 environmental grants per year

Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

October 30th, 2023
Annual Grant


Examples of funded projects:
- Trail building or restoration projects
- Park beautification events
- Litter prevention initiatives
- Earth Study missions
- Sustainable Land Management activities
- Community environmental educational projects
- Youth educational engagement events

Who Can Apply

Any individual, group, or organization in the United States who has a love for all things environmental and has an idea or event designed to help improve our environment is eligible

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Interested individuals or groups should submit a 1000-1600 word essay to that paints a picture of who you or your organization are, what drives and inspires you or your organization, what you or the organization are looking to accomplish, and how you plan to apply our grant to your project

Submit your essay as a PDF (preferred) or Microsoft Word document to be eligible for consideration



Additional Information

Any questions or clarification on what constitutes eligibility can be emailed to

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