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Fireworks Short Term Restricted Fund Grant

Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Grants afforded on a matching basis not to exceed 50% of the actual contracted cost

Funding Cycle

Applications may be requested at any time

Proposals must be submited by February 15th of the same calendar year

(Occurs annually)


A. Firework Projects must be completed within the week of July 4, unless otherwise
authorized by the Grant Administrator, for the year which the grant is awarded. The
funds will not carry over from one year to the next
B. The Tourism Board will monitor the progress being made on each project. Should a
project not materialize or should it progress at a rate which would limit its viability, the
funds will be unencumbered and revert to the Short Term Unappropriated Funds for
future projects.
1. Project must be located in Dare County.
C. Grants funds will be used for the payment of contracted fireworks displays only.
Grants will be disbursed on a matching basis, not to exceed 50% of the actual contracted
D. Grants will be paid as a reimbursement once the project has been completed and all paid
receipts have been presented as described under the terms of the Contract Agreement.
E. Expenditures shall not be used for operations customarily funded by
Governmental entities but must be for payment of contract expenses directly resulting in
a fireworks display.
F. Grants cannot be transferred or assigned to a third party.
G. Requirement for reimbursement for approved project must have the following:
1. All organizations directly or indirectly involved in proposed project must
agree with all terms and conditions outlined. Burden of compliance rests
with the applying organization.
2. Appropriate recognition of contribution made by the Outer Banks Visitors
Bureau. To include Bureau logo and “Project Funded In Part By The
Outer Banks Visitors Bureau.”
3. Approved recognition must include the official logo and the web address on all promotional material

Who Can Apply

Applicants shall be:
- Dare County Local Governments
- A non-profit entity with itsprincipal place of business in Dare County, and having its non-profit status conferred in writing under Section 501 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Dare County

Additional Information

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