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Matching Awards Program

National Forest Foundation

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Requires 1:1 non-federal cash match

Funding Cycle

Application period opens for round 1 2024 projects in Fall 2023


Community Engagement:
• Public lands days, cleanup days, and similar events
• Field trips for schools or collaborative groups
• Outdoor skills training
• Indigenous ecological practices
• Ceremonies or celebrations related to natural resources
• Trail or site ambassador programs
• Community science projects
• Implementation by community members of natural resource stewardship projects

Stewardship Activities:
* Recreation area cleanup
• Native trees and shrub planting
• Trail maintenance
• Invasive species control
• Forest and watershed restoration
• Hazardous fuels reduction
• Ecological or social monitoring to inform management decisions
• Educating others about sustainable recreation principles

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Long-Term Benefit:
* Underserved Communities
* Equity

Who Can Apply

Nonprofit organizations, Tribal governments and organizations, and universities

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Request for Proposals - Full Program Details
(Contains full program requirements and instructions for how to apply):



Additional Information

For additional information, contact:
Kerry Morse, Conservation Awards Manager, at 406.830.3358 or kmorse@nationalforests.orgg

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