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Parks and Recreation Trust Fund

NC Division of Parks and Recreation

Funding Amount

$500,000 maximum

Matching Funds

Must match the grant dollar-for-dollar, 50 percent of the total cost of the project, and may contribute more than 50 percent. The appraised value of land to be donated to the applicant can be used as part of the match. The value of in-kind services, such as volunteer work, cannot be used as part of the match

Funding Cycle

Local Applications were due May 1, 2023. Unknown when applications will re-open


PARTF provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants to local governments for the acquisition and/or development of park and recreational projects to serve the general public

The money from the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund is allocated as follows:
- 65% for North Carolina state parks capital projects, repairs, and renovations of facilities, and land acquisition (4% of these funds go to the DuPont State Recreational Forest)
- 30% for local government grants on a dollar-for-dollar basis, which create or improve parks and recreational projects
- 5% for the Coastal and Estuarine Water Beach Access Program

No more than 3% may be used for administration of the funds

What do our communities get out of this?
PARTF has helped build and maintain parks, greenways, trails, playgrounds, water accesses, and so much more! PARTF grants create opportunities for staying active and enjoying the outdoors, while bolstering our state and local economies and quality of life

Who Can Apply

North Carolina counties and incorporated municipalities are eligible for PARTF grants. Public authorities, as defined by N.C. General Statute 159-7, are also eligible if they are authorized to acquire land or develop recreational facilities for the general public

Additional Eligibility Requirements

North Carolina

Additional Information

For additional information or questions, contact Vonda Martin (Manager) at or (919) 707-9338

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