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SECU Foundation Grant Program

SECU Foundation

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Funding Cycle



Project Selection Considerations
- Preference given to a combination of projects that have a statewide impact, or major regional impact, and may serve as a model for replication in other North Carolina communities
- Seek projects that are tangible (permanent, visible, capital versus operational). Do not support operational budgets, nor budget shortfalls
- Seek to fund projects through partnerships with foundations and nonprofit organizations (do not fund for-profit organizations)
- Seek projects that improve the social and economic condition of public employees in North Carolina
- Seek projects that are not principally nor typically funded by a governmental agency
- In cases where projects have existing appropriations only consider funding where funding would augment or enhance projects which have existing appropriations
- Generally seek to fund projects that strengthen the partnership with North Carolina State employees
- Seek to identify programmatic projects to solve problems and to develop partnerships with other non-profits and foundations

Who Can Apply

Non-profits and Governmental Organizations

Additional Eligibility Requirements

To submit a grant request, please complete the Letter of Interest packet (Application has to have a Statement of Need - Purpose and Description of Proposed Activities):


North Carolina

Additional Information

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