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Waste Management Charitable Giving

Waste Management

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Environmental Stewardship: With a commitment to sustainability, we give priority consideration to organizations whose programs preserve and/or enhance renewable resources and empower environmental stewards
Environmental Justice: By engaging with people in the communities where we operate, we can understand their needs while addressing our operational impacts to help those communities thrive. Learn more about Environmental Justice in the WM Sustainability Hub
Sustainability Education: We’re committed to equipping individuals with knowledge needed to enhance their communities through programs that support clean, resilient and sustainable place to live
Workforce + Skills Development: We strive to give individuals and teams the tools and training they need to excel while empowering employees to take care of our customers, neighbors and their environment via programs that prioritize economic development in communities. Learn more about ways we help individuals develop
Community Vitality: When we ensure that our neighborhoods and communities are safe and sustainable, we provide the best living environment for customers, employees and stakeholders
Supplier Diversity: We address inequity and economic development for underserved groups by working towards targets that prioritize collective impact, collaboration, education, and achieving ambitious sustainability initiatives. Learn more about our Supplier Diversity efforts here

Who Can Apply

We support 501(c)(3) or public organizations who exclusively use donations for public purposes
*We typically do not financially support operating costs, capital campaigns, individuals or foundations*

Additional Eligibility Requirements


Additional Information

For additional information and/or questions, contact the organization using the Contact Us form on the webpage

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