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Member Cooperative Loan

- By partnering with economic development agencies, electric cooperatives are supporting job creation and businesses seeking to start, expand or relocate

Up to $2 million

Physical Damage Loans - Business Physical Disaster

- For businesses and NPOs located in a declared disaster area that has experienced damage

$50,000 maximum for up to ten years

Resilient Recovery Express Loan

- For small businesses and family farms recovering from declared natural disasters seeking immediate relief before federal loans and insurance payouts are issued

Up to $50,000

Shellfish Growers Loan Program

- To support the growth of the NC shellfish industry and get the working capital or equipment organizations/businesses need to start or grow a shellfish business


Also have access to loans up to $5 million through a network of statewide lending partners

Small Business Loan

- Small business loans with an emphasis on rural, low income, female, and minority borrowers

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