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African American Heritage 


Bishop Forrest C. Stith Grant

To provide support for local United Methodist African American congregations doing/planning innovative ways to recover, preserve and/or present their histories; or to individuals doing historical research or projects on African Americans in Methodism.


Conserving Black Modernism

Designed to empower and equip preservationists and stewards with funding and technical support to preserve the material heritage, innovation, and legacy of modern architectural sites designed by Black architects

Up to $10,000

Foundation For Black Philanthropy Endowment Fund

It's mission is to support organizations addressing societal disparities experienced by African Americans and to serve as a center for African American philanthropic development.

$60,000 - $150,000

HBCU Cultural Heritage Stewardship Initiative

Intended to preserve historic Black houses of worship—either with active congregations and nonactive congregations—and advance ongoing preservation activities while strengthening capacity for historic congregations, and preservation and community organizations to steward, manage, and better utilize their historic structures

$10,000 - $100,000

PEARL Pledge Grant

A multi-year program championing empowerment and success within your community with an emphasis on uplifting Black girls and/or women


Peace with Justice Grant

Is your church ready to step beyond charity and into solidarity and justice ministries? Peace with Justice grants are available to UMC churches and affiliated nonprofits

$50,000 - $200,000

Preserving Black Churches

Empower HBCUs with the resources to protect, preserve, and leverage their historic campuses, buildings, and landscapes, and ensures these symbols inspire and educate future generations


Strengthening the Black Church Ministries

The mission of Strengthening the Black Church Committee is to assist in the increase in the number of vital black church congregations in the North Carolina Conference and help reverse the membership decline in the United Methodist Church by funding outreach events and resource centers

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