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Strengthening the Black Church Ministries

NC Conference of the United Methodist Church

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The vision of the Strengthening the Black Church Committee for the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church is to aide in the assisting of the growth and vitality of African American Churches in the North Carolina Conference by establishing events that suit the following goals:

Helping to establish Resources Centers that will effectuate the training of laity and clergy in the African American Context.
Working to increase the number of identified and registered “Partner Congregations.”
Assisting in the development of research and evaluative tools to assist clergy and laity in context analysis.
Actively identifying and recruiting young African American clergy candidates, especially African American males, for ordained ministry as elders in full connection.
Providing training and resources to assist the black churches to expand and start new ministries that are cognizant of the changes that have an impact upon doing ministry and mission in the 21st Century.
Helping the black churches in the North Carolina Conference to be me more outward focused instead of inward focused with the expressed goal of making disciples instead of “church members.”

Who Can Apply

United Methodist Church congregations and elders

Additional Eligibility Requirements


North Carolina

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