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Tourism Impact Grant

Dare County Tourism Board

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Below $50,000 No match required------- $50,000 - $125,000 At least 25% match required from applicant----- Over $125,000 At least 50% match required from applicant

Funding Cycle


(Applications may be requested at any time; however, complete applications must be submitted between September 1 and September 30)


Qualified applicants must submit:
- An application containing an outline of the project
- The impact of the project on tourism, a statement of need
- A copy of the most recent balance sheet
- A budget overview of the entire project’s funding and expenditures; which shall include other grants or secured funding services

Expenditures shall not be used for operations customarily funded by Governmental entities (including but not limited to repairs and maintenance)

Grants paid as reimbursements when project is complete

Who Can Apply

A. Applicants shall be Dare County Local Governments or a non-profit entity with
its principal place of business in Dare County and having its non-profit status
conferred in writing under Section 501 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code

B. Project must be located in Dare County

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Dare County, NC

Additional Information

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