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Downtown Revitalization 

North Carolina

Building Reuse - State Rural Grants

- Develops older buildings in your community into assets to attract new or expanding businesses with the state's Building Reuse Program

Selected areas of NC

Downtown Revitalization Grant

- Proceeds from the Downtown Revitalization Grant may be used for a wide range of purposes, so long as that purpose advances the downtown revitalization goals of the member community and has the approval of the city/town manager

North Carolina and other States in the US (depends on the grant)

National Trust Preservation Funds (NTPF)

- Helps stimulate public discussion, enables local groups to gain the technical expertise needed for preservation projects, introduces the public to preservation concepts and techniques, and encourages financial participation by the private sector

North Carolina

Rural Transformation Grants

- Provides local governments with grants and expert guidance to improve economic vitality and overcome the unique challenges many rural communities face

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