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Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Funding Amount

$2,500 maximum

Matching Funds

Funding Cycle



Eligible Uses:
- Grants from the Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund may be used to reimburse travel costs (airfare, train tickets, taxis and/or mileage reimbursement) and to pay an honorarium to the mentor (maximum of $250/day). The group seeking the mentoring services must pay the travel expenses for itself or for the mentor, and will be reimbursed by the National Trust after the necessary documentation is provided to substantiate the expense(s)
- Grants from the Peter H. Brink Fund may NOT be used to attend or host activities or events such as workshops, presentations, lectures, conferences or training seminars. The fund does not support speaker or venue fees
- Mentors may be used to develop or improve fundraising, real estate, advocacy or other preservation-oriented program, to help with board development, or to address organizational/ management issues

Who Can Apply

Eligible Applicants:
- Only Organizational Level Forum members or Main Street America members of the National Trust are eligible to apply for funding from the Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund grant program. To learn more about Forum and join today, visit our website
- Public agencies, 501(c)(3), and other nonprofit organizations are eligible
- Organizations may only receive one grant from this fund per year

Additional Eligibility Requirements

What is the process to apply?
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis rather than in competitive rounds. Grant decisions will be made thoughtfully, but as expeditiously as possible. Once the grant funds have been expended for the current fiscal year, recommended applicants who did not receive funding will have priority for a Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund grant in the next fiscal year

Grants are provided as reimbursement for up to the amount approved prior to the mentoring event. Expense documentation and brief mentoring reports must be received before expenses will be reimbursed. All reports should be submitted no later than one month after the mentoring visit

Please contact the grants office to describe the proposed application and to access to the Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund application


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Additional Information

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