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Digital Equity Grant

NCDIT and the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy

Funding Amount

Up to $2 Million

Matching Funds

Funding Cycle

Application deadline was November 10, 2022. Unknown when application will re-open


All projects must serve a statewide or regional audience (more than one county). Eligible
projects will support the development or expansion of digital equity programming and
address at least one of the following elements of digital inclusion:
a. Affordable, robust high-speed internet
b. Internet enabled devices (computers, laptops, etc.) that meet users’ needs
c. Access to digital literacy and skills training
d. Quality technical support
e. Applications and online content designed to enable and encourage self-sufficiency,
participation and collaboration

Examples of projects include but aren’t limited to:
- A “digital navigator” program to help community members get connected, use digital tools/devices, and access digital skills classes
- Digital literacy and digital skills courses and trainings
- Supporting local coalitions to develop and implement municipal or regional digital inclusion plans
- Expanding device lending programs and/or device distribution programs
- Increasing the accessibility or usability of online and digital content
- Staff time or consulting services for digital inclusion projects
- Creating telehealth rooms in libraries, schools or other community spaces
- Other projects related to internet affordability, devices, digital literacy, or technical support/assistance

Who Can Apply

Applicants must be an entity of North Carolina state government, which includes:  
- All state government organizations as outlined on the website. 
- University of North Carolina System or individual schools, universities, or centers within  
- North Carolina Community College system or individual schools, colleges or centers within the system

Applicants can apply for up to $2 million. The Office of Digital Equity and Literacy reserves the right to fund a portion of an application:
- Only one application per office will be accepted. However, we will accept more than one application per agency or institution if they are a part of a separate division or office
- This funding term is for two years. The start date will be outlined in the signed contract between funding recipients and NCDIT, but the funding term will likely run from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2024

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Statewide or Regional (more than 1 county)
North Carolina

Additional Information

For additional information and/or questions, contact Maggie Woodsa (Digital Equity Manager – NCDIT Office of Digital Equity and Literacy) at

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