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The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grants

Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

Funding Amount


Matching Funds

Grants require matching funds totaling at least 25% of the total project costs (less IDC) OR a reduced match of 10% when the project has eligible partners

Funding Cycle

September 2023
Grant guidelines and application information expected annually in September


For EZ and Project grants, here is a general list of allowable expenditures. This list is not exhaustive, but includes most items:

- Consulting or contractual services – applicants must select the consultant before the application is submitted and demonstrate in the application that the proposed consultant is qualified to perform the needed work or service; the selected consultant is subject to State Library approval
- Evaluation to show the extent to which the project has met its goals
- Furnishings that are necessary to support the project
- Hardware, software, and/or technology necessary to support the project
- Indirect costs
- Library materials that are necessary to support the project
- Outsourcing for digitization of specialized items may be allowable when provided with the rationale for doing so and showing that this approach is appropriate and cost effective
- Postage and printing costs for project materials
- Salaries and benefits for temporary staff to be employed for the project OR temporary staff to be employed to cover duties of full-time personnel while the full-time person works on the project. Temporary staff means part-time or full-time personnel hired specifically to help carry out the project, or additional hours for existing part-time staff. The project description should clearly explain the need for added staff
- Supplies necessary to support the project
- Travel and/or training expenses related to the project for library or project staff
- Vehicles for bookmobiles, library outreach, mobile libraries etc.
- Other expenses that are reasonable and necessary to support the project

Who Can Apply

Eligible libraries may submit up to three EZ and Project grant applications per year.The following North Carolina libraries are eligible to apply for LSTA EZ, Project and Multi-Year Project grants:

- A public library or library system that meets the eligibility requirements for the Aid to Public Libraries Fund (State Aid)
- Community college libraries
- North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities member libraries
- University of North Carolina system libraries, which includes libraries serving the Area Health Education Centers affiliated with eligible UNC and NCICU institutions

Additional Eligibility Requirements

North Carolina

Additional Information

For program and regulation questions:
Catherine Prince, Federal Programs Consultant, 919-814-6796 or or

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