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WSP Funding Program

Wilderness Stewardship Alliance (WSP)

Funding Amount

$50,000 maximum

Matching Funds

Minimum of 20%, and can be either cash or in kind contributions

Funding Cycle

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Powerpoint #1 explains the WSP Program

Powerpoint #2 describes the NWSA Funding Program as delivered by Randy Welsh, Executive Director of NWSA

Activities that qualify:

Who Can Apply

Be a current IRS recognized non profit, such as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit or have a fiscal sponsor who is a qualified organization. Some Funding Programs require that you be a current NWSA Partner Member Organization; check the specifics of each Funding Program. Typically our Wilderness only funding programs require a membership, such as our Boots on the Ground or NWSA WSP Funding Programs

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Updated Program Information - Fact Sheet for 2023 WSP Funding Program:

Each Application requires an:
- Application Form (available in .docx WORD format)
- A Budget Worksheet (in Excel format)
- A Letter of Support from District Ranger or Forest Supervisor
- A letter of non-profit status from the IRS, unless already on file with NWSA
- All Projects this year will use Direct Deposit for reimbursements (Direct Deposit form to be submitted if selected, if not already on file with NWSA
*Direct Deposit Form (for selected applicants)

Final Selections for the WSP Funding Program are contingent on Forest Service Budget Allocation for this Challenge Cost Share. A Federal Final Budget has not yet been passed but we fully expect it will prior to selections being announced in May



Additional Information

Questions about the National Forest Wilderness Stewardship Performance Partnership Funding may be addressed to Randy Welsh, Executive Director, NWSA at either 801-808-2167 or

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