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Lead Service Line Replacement Grant

NC Dept of Environmental Quality

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Funding is available to replace lead service lines and lead connectors between the main water line and the point of the premise plumbing, usually outdoors up to the building inlet

A service line is the water line that connects a home or business to the main water line on the street. Connectors (e.g., goosenecks and pigtails) are components that connect pipes to one another. Lead service lines and lead connectors are service lines and connectors that are made of lead or made of galvanized iron or galvanized steel that are downstream of other lead components. Service lines are located from the public water main up to building at the point of premise plumbing

Project Solicitation Form for Lead Service Line Replacement projects:

Who Can Apply

Local governments, non-profit water companies, and investor-owned water utilities that request low-interest loans. Principal forgiveness will be offered for those that are eligible, subject to availability

Additional Eligibility Requirements

For info and training:

Instructions for Completing the Project Solicitation Form for Lead Service Line Replacement Projects are available at:

At the end of the document linked above, you will find the online submittal portal:


North Carolina

Additional Information

For additional information, contact the organization at (877) 623-6748

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