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Community Resources


2023 Main Street Conference

What's in Your Preservation Toolkit?

"What's in Your Preservation Toolkit" outlines pursuing private development, economic & community impacts, partnerships, and funding & technical assistance.

How Can Mainstreet Programs Leverage CDFIs

CDFIs or Community Development Financial Institutions are able to help small businesses in a number of ways outlined by this presentation. Explore how you may qualify for CDFIs and how to navigate them.

Understanding How Municipal Service Districts Work

This presentation outlines Municipal Service districts, types of districts and services, associated legal processes, and maintaining your MSD.

Cultivating Partnerships on Main Street

"Cultivating Partnerships" explains how to define partnerships, how to have successful partnerships, and examines relevant case studies.

Community Storytelling 101

"Once Upon a Town" lists the main principles and rules of storytelling to better structure the 'anatomy' of your story.

Visit NC Industry Partners

Check out the Visit NC Industry Partners YouTube channel for more on news, updates, and information about the programs, initiatives, and trends affecting our state and industry.
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