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Supporting Community Driven Tourism in Rural Communities.  


The goal of UPLIFT is to boost tourism in rural North Carolina communities. UPLIFT works regionally - across county borders - to support local tourism leaders and practitioners in realizing their vision for tourism in their community, including natural, recreational, cultural, agricultural, culinary, built and other tourism.

The Objectives of UPLIFT are to: 

- Develop regional multi-night itineraries to diversify the overall tourism product,

retain visitors for longer, and increase visitor spending


- Enhance, innovate and scale the tourism experiences offered within the regions,

working with new and existing tourism providers

- Strengthen tourism economies, skills and capacities that stimulate entrepreneurship, grow businesses and create or retain jobs

- Tell the stories of the regions, their communities and individual tourism experiences

to attract and retain visitors

- Integrate sustainability principles & practices into the tourism experiences supported

Where We Work

The program will focus in the counties highlighted below as well as bordering counties where connections to regional itineraries exist. Regional workshops will be held in the highlighted counties, however bordering counties residents are welcome to attend. 

Image by Mads Schmidt

What's Next?
UPLIFT Community Convenings

We look forward to visiting the UPLIFT core counties in January-February 2023

for kick-off community convenings.

For more information on how to get to involved click here. 

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