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The goal of UPLIFT is to boost tourism to rural and under-resourced North Carolina communities. UPLIFT works regionally - across county borders - to support local leadership in their vision for their community's natural, recreational, cultural, agricultural, culinary, built and other tourism assets. 

America Rescue Plan Act

The UPLIFT program is supported by the American Rescue Plan Act and represents one project of several designed to address the impact from COVID-19 on the hospitality, tourism, and outdoor recreation industries. We are excited to work with the N.C. Department of Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division,

the N.C. Pandemic Recovery Office, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, and the N.C. Restaurant and Lodging Association.  

Our Team

Where We Work

The program will focus in the counties highlighted below as well as bordering counties where connections to regional itineraries exist. Regional workshops will be held in the highlighted counties, however bordering counties residents are welcome to attend. 

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The UPLIFT program is implemented in three phases over a period of three years.

Learn about each phase here. 


The UPLIFT Acronym

Six building blocks (Understand, Plan, Link, Innovate, Finance and Tell)  form the UPLIFT acronym and the approach taken in our target regions.

Get Involved


Opportunities to get involved are continual and rolling throughout the program. Updates on activities can be found here.

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