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Rural Tourism Summit & Celebration

Join us at the Rural Tourism Summit to engage in sessions about regenerative tourism, UPLIFT programming for 2024, and successful local tourism initiatives.  Be sure to RSVP and secure your spot so you can learn about the achievements and efforts of the communities within the UPLIFT regions!


9:30 AM: Registration

-Registration and networking with fellow participants

-Light refreshments available

10:00 AM: Welcome & Opening Remarks

-Introduction to the day's agenda and objectives

-Overview of the importance of rural tourism development and acknowledgment to our funders

10:15 AM: Session 1 - Involving Communities in Partner Programs

-Presentation on how communities can participate in multiple partner programs

-Strategies for community engagement and collaboration

11:00 AM: Session 2 - Sharing Best Practices in Tourism Initiatives

-Showcasing successful tourism initiatives in different communities

-Best practices and lessons learned

-Interactive workshop on mapping community assets

12:00 PM: Lunch Break & Guest Speaker - Delphin Ruché, Wild Labs

-Lunch provided by local restaurant

-Presentation by Delphin Ruché, Founder of Wild Lab Projects “Citizen Science/Volunteer Tourism:     Insights for North Carolina”

-Interactive workshop on developing citizen science and volunteer tourism products

1:15 PM: Session 3 - UPLIFT Programs in 2024

-Presentation of UPLIFT webinars & workshops & FAM tours in 2024

-Recap of the day's key takeaways

-Opportunities for networking and further discussions

Time & Location

Fri, Nov 3 | NC State McKimmon Center
9:30 am - 2 pm

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