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Agritourism Series

Have you been considering agritourism, but don't know where to start? 
Do you need a refresh on the agritourism experiences you are already offering?

Agritourism continues to grow as a popular activity on farms.  Attend this series if you’d like to start an agritourism venture, grow your existing operations, or hear about innovative ideas. 

Tourism Extension Final Long.png

Join us for our 5-part series with Ann Savage from NC State Extension and other special guests! 

April 16th | 5 PM

Why Agritourism +

Product Development​​

April 23rd | 5 PM

Pricing and


April 30th | 5 PM 

Risk Management

and Insurance​

May 7th | 5 PM 

Community Involvement

and Marketing​

May 14th | 5 PM 

Best Management


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